Sunday, 28 March 2010

He Must Have Other Cameramen!!!

I was over at Section8 today (Sunday 28th March) just to catch some video, I got some nice stuff so left early and got home for 15.00 I had a video fully finished for 18.00, but I will not be uploading this until Tuesday for certain reasons.
Due to the way its edited this is one video where people will say "He must have other cameramen with him" So what happened as it does so often is that two kids tried to attack a base, they came through the forest into a clearing next to an old farm track where they spoke to a guy who was shooting at the base, then they both ran into the clearing crossed the track and got up to a wall where they started shooting at the base. Now for reasons known only to them they did this exact thing three times, each time they got hit they just fell back to a respawn point and returned to do it over again until they gave up after the third attempt. Each time they returned I was standing or hiding at a different position which once edited together gives the impression that there are two or three cameramen when there really was just me.
One thing I like about Airsoft is the people you meet and today was very interesting for me, there is a guy called Ricky that you will see in the video on Tuesday, he is a really nice guy and the first time I saw him play Airsoft I knew he was ex something so I had to ask and it turned out he served in a Rhodesian unit called P.A.T.U that's the Police Anti-Terrorist Unit and he fought in the Rhodesian Bush War which ran from July 1964 until 1979. He brought along a load of photographs for me to see from his time in that unit with all the guns they used including a few I have never ever heard of, but he also pointed out his friends with him in the pictures and after each one came the same comment "He's dead" all were Killed in Action. So perhaps when the video with him goes on YouTube and some silly viewer says "Who does the old guy think he is" or other similar remarks you will be able to set the record straight.
My pal Ervan over in Oregon USA who is also a YouTube Partner doing beautiful steam locomotive videos sent me a link to a stats site for YouTube you just type in your YouTube name and it tells you all kinds of stuff about your channel if you CLICK HERE you can see the stats for me, where you will see I am ranked at 372 in the top 500 Global YouTubers which is something I really never knew until yesterday.
Ok gotta go, I will write again on Tuesday I promise, if you have any questions ask and I will try and answer them all on Tuesday.John

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