Friday, 2 April 2010


I'm always looking at new guns and caught a video on YouTube for the Echo1 Red Star Covert
Now this may be easy to pick up in the USA but over here in Europe they are almost impossible to locate.
I seem to remember seeing a big advert from Echo1 in Airsoft International Magazine looking for European retailers to become Echo1 dealerships but I guess they had no takers because I sat this morning and Googled for about thirty minutes looking for a Euro dealer with no results, before that I went to the Echo1 website and tried the store locator but it just goes blank once I type in my address details so that was no help.
I then went to my favourite retailers in Hongkong who have pretty much everything but again nobody stocked anything from Echo1, so instead I bought the "Band Of Brothers" Blu Ray boxed set, it may not shoot BBs but it certainly made me smile at a bargain 17.50 inc postage from Play.com
There's a two part video interview over at the Airsoft Gi YouTube site with Hendrix from Echo1, as I type the first part is already up with the second soon to come.. I hope. Im looking forward to seeing the second part because at the very end of the first part Hendrix from is asked about the re branding that Echo1 have long been rumoured to do and I really want to see what his answer is, but from the first part of the interview it does seem that he has already said they do some thing along the lines of re branding because its mentioned about them getting guns from manufacturers checking them over for things that could be improved and then telling the manufacturers what they want improved which is fine but I do think that many people will still see this as re branding.
Maybe if I can locate an Echo1 one gun I will have to have a rethink, do any of you guys have Echo1 guns? How do they compare to other guns of the exact same model but from another maker? Maybe if I can pick up a few Echo1 guns I will do a review on here, I would like to hope they are as good as claimed.
So did you hear me speaking on camera at the end of the latest video at my alternative channel, I thought it was perhaps time to start talking and be seen on camera, my old YouTube mentor asked me to do this a few times but I never did as I feel a total fool talking to a camera, I told my current YouTube Mentor that I would start to up my visual profile on my videos and she told me in short that if I did appear on screen then the video would be pretty well certain to get featured, that means YouTube promote the video on their main page, now that terrifies me LOL as I am not sure I want that level of interest.
I caught CrazyNCmans live show again last Saturday, its a good show, he's a good presenter, I really could not do a four hour live show as he does, since the clocks have changed here in the UK it now starts at midnight here where as it had a start time of 1am UK time before which I struggle to stay awake until, its not that late for many people but when you have a two year old and an eight year old as I do you will find it difficult to stay up late at night.
I was Section8 filming last Sunday, it was a really good day with a great turn out of players on site even though another site close by was running a free day, in case you don't know all sites here in the UK charge anything from 15 to 35 pounds per player to play, this covers site insurance, land rental, running costs etc, any site running free days is simply trying to pull new players to their site, but even with this free day going on Section8 still pulled in about sixty paying players and a new video from that day will be on my main channel tonight.
Well gotta go, my kids are almost up and I'm making breakfast.
John AKA Scoutthedoggie


  1. Ah, the mysterious cameraman goes on camera! =) Cant wait to see more! Anyway, I'm from the US. A friend of mine uses an Echo1 M4. Echo1 is great quality. Some of the best I've seen around here.

    -Pherlee (YouTube)

  2. Hey, in response to the question about Echo1.

    I have myself an Echo1 Rec7 (Barrett M468) and it is a pretty good gun. It is one of their more expensive guns, but it has good things to make up for it. All the features are nice, and they really do compete with some other guns I've played with. The Echo1's are a little bit more expensive than JG and some A&K's, but they are much cheaper than CA, TM and KWA. They also come with more base features, and if you can put up some more money, then you can buy the gun in a reinforced, upgraded gearbox fashon, but most Echo!'s come that way anyways...

    Echo1 also markets very well to the teenagers with no money group (to which I belong... :) ) because their guns are not as expensive as other companies, and they come with batteries. So that is another nice part of Echo1.

    The gun I owned before was a JG AK w/taccy rails, but, with my experience, I break all AK's. Same with this one. I have only jammed one (1) bb in the Rec7, and that was while cleaning. I have also fallen straight on my barrel, and after a few shots in auto to clear out semi(it wasn't shooting in semi) the gun was good again.

    The Echo1 is not as game play (like, paying events) ready as, say a Classic army or Marui, but is easy to take into pieces, and it has a lot of space for upgrading new gearboxes, springs, etc.

    Echo1's are a nice, cheaper competition to CA and TM, but I still adore KWA...lol


  3. some say ECHO1 is rebranded ACM gun not sure JG or cyma ,or they rebranding both CHINESE brand

    in EU if they already stock JG and cyma there is no reason stock ECHO1 anymore .

  4. Echo 1 is nothing really special. After owning a JG AK and an Echo 1 STAG-15 and an Airsoft GI custom gun (G4-18 carbine). The Echo 1 is the least impressive out of all of them. Its very unsatisfying when you shoot it. I really dont know about the more expensive models but the models ranging from 100 to 200 bucks not worth when you get a G&G or something along those lines.

  5. Hey John,
    Im a regular at my local airsoft site here in ireland and i love your vids.
    The airsoft site i play at, www.section8ireland.com, is only 3 acres large, and i always wanted to know how big was POW or the other sites you play at.
    Obviosly, from the amount of players at POW I know its a big place, but would you be able to give us a small tour of it?
    Maybe just to show us the bunkers or foxholes in it.
    And Thanks for spending lots of time entertaining us :)

  6. Here's my take on it. You've probably heard about what they do in the second interview. They make a deal with the OEM to add in some goodies and then do a second QC, slap their name on it, and add a warranty.

    This is nice for the JG and A&K guns that have lesser parts and higher failure rates, but is completely unnecessary for their CYMA re-brands. Since most of their newer AK models (Red Star, etc) are CYMAs, I don't think that anyone should buy them. A CYMA has very little chance of breaking in the first 30 days and the internals are as rock-solid as clones come. The Red Star AKM is the CYMA cm048M. It's a nice gun and it already comes with metal bushings and is skirmishable to begin with.

    Upon seeing the interview, I was impressed with E1's honesty, even though it confirmed to me that they weren't working very hard for that extra $20 on the CYMA re-brands. This is one American industry that I actually have no qualms about not supporting.

    Like I said, the CYMA is fine as it is and there's not much that E1 can do internally, though they apparently add madbull hop up buckings to some of them.

  7. hi I've seen every1 of ur videos and I think ur freaking awesome I have 26 airsoft guns and I play at my cuzins house I wanted to kno wut gun was that on blog Jan.17 Sunday 2010 an r there any sites in louisiana I looked an looked and couldn't find any plz an thnx. -Jason

  8. i know evike.com has a red star covert if you really want one

  9. As a Matter of fact I did own a Echo1 gun a few years ago. And I would have to say, it was fantastic. Hands down the best bang for my buck. I payed $125 for a mp5 and it easily was out preforming many other high end guns such as TM weapons. I plan on purchasing another Echo1 Product most likely the Red star AK so I can get back into how I spent my youth.

  10. hi im a huge fan of your vids and i own an echo1 m4 its amazing!!!! i paid 190 for it total!!! Echo1 has soooo many choices for guns and have amazing m4s. If anything definatly buy an echo1 but buy something like the echo1 zombat stryker or the er25k witch are about 300 but have full meatl so definetly buy ethier one of those guns

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