Thursday, 4 March 2010

199th YouTube video

So that's video number 199 uploaded, I am always worried when I put out a new video, To be honest I was not that happy with it, but it was either put this out or just file all the footage and forget about it because as I said before God was not on my side weather wise at NCIS, I always enjoy it at that site, but by the time I put my waterproof gear on I was already pretty much wet through, its the first time at any site that I have ever went back to my car turned the heating on and went for a snooze during the lunch break.
Hopefully it will be a good at POW this coming Sunday, site owner Ernie sent me a txt the other day to tell me that he will have one of the first new SRC MP40s on site thanks to Airsoft World, so I will catch some video of that new gun for you, its supposed to be way better than the AGM MP40, I hope that's right.
People have been sending me messages for the last few weeks saying that I have to do something special for the 200th, no pressure...I think I will just make a video with me banging my head on my computer desk in frustration as I dont have a clue what to do.
Do you guys follow CrazyNCman on Youtube? I guess you must, Franks a good guy, I have watched his videos almost since he started, but have never caught his live show since it does not start until about 1AM UK time by which I am always sound asleep, but one day I will view it live. Anyway on his latest video he talks about playing Battlefield 2 on the PC this Friday, since I am not a gamer I did not have this, he said it could be bought real cheap and he was right, I got two copies via Amazon.com for twenty pounds inc shipping, I got the Xbox 360 and PC versions, my son loves these kind of games so I should get a crash course in playing this from him on Friday and if I can keep my eyes open I will be on the PC playing live via Franks server late into the night.
Oh yeah did you guys know that Youtube are gonna change the format of peoples channel pages yet again, the last time they did this most Partners I know where not at all happy with the changes, hopefully this time they sort the mistakes they made last time. I heard about these changes about six weeks back but just never looked to see what they were doing, but my mentor at Youtube emailed me today with a link to a blog where they detail the changes and here is the link for you to take a look at.
Well gotta go


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  1. PC and Xbox versions of BF 2 are completely different games. BF 2(PC) is probably the most celebrated of the series (and the only one that I have never played :( ...) while BF Modern Combat for Xbox is probably the worst.
    You would probably like BF: Bad Company 2 (the newest just released on Xbox) a lot better. Great leaps and bounds in the game engine and gameplay.

    Good luck with your 200th video!