Sunday, 14 March 2010

Charlie Bit My Finger

So the creative block I had vanished and I made the Sniper video which you should already have seen with Koolance987 as the main star, he is in the next video as well getting a few more kills from the same day, that next video is already finished but I will not upload it until around Thursday the 18th. I have a few more videos from the outtakes which will go onto my alternative channel, I uploaded a new one to that channel today (Sunday 14th) but YouTube for whatever reason is taking a lot longer than usual to make the videos watchable anything from three to five hours before it can be viewed in HD, when I upload a video I keep it as private until YouTube make it fully watchable because if I let it go live straight away I get lots of comments like "Oh its really rubbish quality" so instead of dealing with all those silly comments I just hold onto the video until YouTube finish whatever they do to make them watchable.
At last I managed to stay up and get on CrazyNCmans live show at Airsoft Player TV, it was 1AM UK time when the show started, my two young kids were sound asleep long before the show started and I did not wish to wake them by talking to Frank on the show via Skype so I just logged into the chat that runs at the same time as the show. The second I made a comment in the chat room it went crazy and because it got so busy I was limited to one comment every sixty seconds so it was just impossible to answer all the comments and questions from people or get any conversation going with Frank, so he read out some of my comments which I appreciated, but its Franks show and me being in the chat room made viewers focus on me and not him which I realised so I asked viewers to please stop asking me things and to watch Franks show, I was there to see the show more than answer questions.
Anyway I watched the show until about 02.30am and then logged out, I enjoyed it, I will watch again, I certainly could not do a live show like that for an hour never mind four hours as he does.

I told you ages ago that I keep a daily note of the stats from my channel such as the view count, subs etc, well the twenty four hour period from 8am Saturday 13th until 8am Sunday 14th was my busiest in the last six months, 246 subscribers and seventy six thousand video views, I don't know why but it was.
Did you know that YouTube publish charts for just about everything IE Most subscribed UK, Most Watched UK Most subscribed Global, Most Watched Global there are so many charts I gave up looking at them, when I did look at them over and over again I would come away after thirty minutes with my brain turning to mush. But a viewer noticed some stats that I had not seen, in a few days I will over take two UK Partners for having more subscribers, two mega big ones first is "HDCYT" who made the "Charlie Bit My finger" video and have over Two Hundred and Ten Million views of their videos, the next one I will over take is "Parlophone Records" which is the All Time Most Viewed European YouTube channel with Three Hundred and Forty Million views of their videos, so for me to over take them is staggering.
Well I gotta go fix a friends gun, thanks for watching and reading.



  1. Hey John, off topic, but in an earlier post you mentioned you'd replaced the Sword 97 standard spring with an M120 to get 400FPS, and that you;d be swapping it back out to conform to Bonnybridge's (?)FPS rules.

    Hope I'm not too late in suggesting you keep the 120 spring and instead use .28g BBs instead of .20g--the extra weight should deliver around 350 FPS, or failing that use .30g for that gun/spring combination to be sure.

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