Saturday, 6 March 2010

Facebook and Betamax

Well am off to POW tomorrow, got the battery's on charge for cameras and guns, I'm taking two cameras for a change, my usual Canon HD one and a little old JVC GR-DX107EK DV tape one, I still like the look of the image that you get from older camcorders especially my old Sony Hi8 one.
Maybe one day I could take one of my old Betamax Sony F1 portable systems on site, I have two of these, both in good working order even though they are twenty eight years old, if you don't know what they are then take a look at this link, one problem with the F1 though is that I might get shot at a lot more than usual as people see a figure crashing through the woods with a camera the size of a bazooka.
I never got the PC version of Battlefield 2 in time to be on CrazyNCmans server last night, but this morning the postman delivered the Xbox360 version and my son loves it, he is playing now as I type. When I do make it onto CrazyNCmans server to play the game I will not be using scoutthedoggie as a name, no doubt some kid has already taken it anyway as they have already done on Xbox live, Facebook and much more, talking of which I was on Facebook this morning, I dont use it that much, I ran a check for "Scoutthedoggie" and found two fan pages for me with over 500 followers, I have nothing at all to do with these sites, the person running the biggest one with 470+ subscribers does not claim to be me, but then he is also not telling people that I have nothing to do with the page.
"Wisey" made a comment on my blog asking if my blog videos were going to be on my sons YouTube channel all the time and the answer is yes, there are two on there now my son simply does not use his channel anymore, so I have taken it over for now and Im just going to post the behind the scenes videos and short outtakes videos onto there, maybe even the odd review, I think I will just keep the main channel following the same format of action videos and everything else on the alternative channel.
"LeOPapa" Thanks for the info on the Type 97, the gun now has a longer 6.03 tight bore barrel in it which Nick fitted at NCIS last Sunday, this afternoon I put a new Systema spring in the gun and I removed the fuse box, but I forgot to fit the new System hop rubber so I will do that in the next few days, if its still shooting bad tomorrow at POW then its got to be down to the hop rubber..I hope.


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  1. Thanks for the reply, it's very much appreciated :) looking forward to the different things you have planned. A couple of the youtubers I have subscribed to run alternative channels and I even find one of them to be more interesting than his main channel now.