Thursday, 11 March 2010

Austin Powers and Loaded?

Well today was going to be a day where I sat at the Mac and got a new video worked out, but I lost focus and ended up looking for a holiday instead not much difference is there?
I kinda got a video started and I found stacks of video I can use from last Sunday, but I just could not work out the timeline in my head, writers can get away with claiming they have "Writers block" so I'm claiming video editors block "Ive lost my Mojo" as Austin Powers would say.
Don't worry I will have a flash of inspiration at about 3am when the idea of how the video is going to run will cause me a lack of sleep until I get up.
Last week one of my friends gave me a magazine called "Loaded" If your not from the UK then you may never have heard of this publication, its whats known here as a "Lads Mag" To my mind its soft porn with another name, its not something I ever buy so when my pal noticed a feature in it he passed the magazine onto me, so if you need an excuse to buy this kind of thing you now have it as there is a feature inside about Airsoft.
The article rates low on the journalistic chart, its the usual junk about how these BB guns could get you shot by the police etc, but it might get some of your non airsofting pals interested I guess.

Did you guys know that there are other Airsoft magazines? Of course you must know of Airsoft International, I have mentioned it before and the last issue of it is seen in the pictures here, but there are a few more that I know of and if you know any more then drop me the details please.
Of the other mags, there is "Take Aim" which is based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, its got nine issues out and the last one I know of was in late 2009, we are now into March 2010 and there appears to be no new issue so far.
Then there is "Airsoft Soldier" based in Finland but printed in English, its a great looking mag, with three issues and a forth is claimed to be coming out soon, but there seems to be about six months between editions, so don't take out a subscription on this one, if I get a release date for the next one I will let you know.
The new edition of Airsoft international should be in my paws a few days from now I hope and I will let you know if its any good, though there is always something interesting in it.

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