Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A blog video, at last

Heres a quick video from POW, its not something I would use on my main channel so the video is on my sons YouTube channel since he does not use it that often.
My first Blog video
I will add another from NCIS tomorrow showing the marshals setting up the pyro etc, any time I am at other sites I will do similar videos showing some bits of the site etc.

1 comment:

  1. Is your sons channel going to be your alternative channel or are you going to make another one?

    Nice to see a bit of the site facilities, looks good. I like the idea of these blog videos. Like the way there seemed to be a car park and a 4x4 park, haha. One question though, why was the point of origin for the globe at the end NYC?

    Keep up the good work,