Monday, 8 March 2010

New Channel Graphics

Have you seen the new background and banners etc on my YouTube Channel?
It was done by Ikara Design who are based in the UK, the previous background etc was all done by a subscriber to my videos and it was fine but a few weeks ago Youtube told me in advance that some techical changes may have an effect on two of my banners both of which vanished, that's the big banner at the top of the main channel and the little one in each video pages that said "Subscribe" Im not a graphics person at all, so I remembered some work I had seen on a website, I found out the who the maker was and dropped them an email, thankfully they were onto the job right away and I had a selection of work ready inside two days.
The contact email if you need any work done is ikara_design@yahoo.co.uk but I should say that this was not the work of an Airsoft fan doing it at home, it is a small business.
Instead of junking the old artwork I used some of it for my alternative channel since I plan to add a lot of videos to it especially a lot of unedited action videos as long as it looks good, Im not just gonna fill the channel up with junk.

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  1. Hey I've been watching your videos for a while now. I was wondering if you ever worked in conjunction with other POW filmers like KeithHPOW. One idea was syncing all of your filming at the same time so that we can see whats happening on both teams at the same time, possibly seeing who hits who in the game which would be cool. Maybe even a picture-in-picture part where we see who is shooting and in the other who is being shot at. I just thought that would be really cool to see.