Sunday, 7 March 2010

Another Blog video

Just back from POW, boy was it busy, the car park was over flowing must have been almost 100 players there. I met up with Andy who works at local retailer Airsoft World, he does their online magazine called "Recon Rag" which you can read for free if you hit this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Andy had a few of the stores new gun arrivals with him so I asked for a look and you can see these on the latest blog video.
After tinkering with my Type97 yesterday its now firing at 400fps using a Systema M120 spring and .20g BBs, this is too high for POW and most if not all UK sites for an AEG, so I will put a different spring in it this week and take the FPS down to about 350, I hope.
Video wise I got about eighty minutes of 1080 HD action and twenty minutes of DV tape footage, I gave the Tachyon Headcam to my pal Kenny and I think he used it for about thirty minutes, so hopefully out of all that lot I should be able to make at least one decent video for you.
One reader of this blog "WinduWarrior" sent me a question via YouTube

Q. "I meant to ask you before, when you started were you the only one doing these kinda vids or was it just pot luck that you were the one who got noticed.?"

A. There were a lot of others doing Airsoft videos, reviews more than anything, I wanted to see some action and the ones that I kept finding on YouTube usually had crappy punk music dubbed over them, which I hated as it did not reflect Airsoft as I was playing it. Dont get me wrong I like rock music and I have seen stacks of bands inc Sex Pistols, Ramones, Damned, U2, Bowie etc by chance I also met many of the bands I loved, but thats another story for another day.
Anyway as I made the videos with no music I guess many like minded people just enjoyed what they saw and word spread at a good steady pace.
Not all my views and subs are down to "Pot Luck" there are a number of things that I did to get me more noticed than others, I did a lot of research and my YouTube mentors gave me a few pointers over the last two years,I cant really say what I did or was told because then everyone would do the same.
One thing my first mentor really pushed for me to do was to start a blog, but I just was not interested until I looked at a couple just a few months back and thought OK I will give it a go and here I am.
Any other questions guys just ask and I will try to answer as best I can.


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