Sunday, 28 February 2010

Scottish Weather

  I am just back from NCIS Airsoft in Edinburgh, a few of the guys were running a Milsim game and I was asked to come along to film some new Pyro they were testing out, but by the time the game kicked off the weather was terrible with snow and rain at the same time, typical Scottish weather.
Most of the pyro was so wet it just did not work, so I promised the guys I will come back the next time they are gonna use it and hopefully it will not be such bad weather.
  I took some video as they were setting up the pyro and I will get that added to the blog this week as some exclusive videos for you guys, its interesting because the guys explain what they are using, what it should do and who made the items they use.
   Because it was so wet today the camera lens was covered in raindrops so most of the video was ruined, but I did still get a few decent action scenes which I will cobble together for a video this week.
      I guess the best bit I captured today was in the last two minutes of the very last game, a kid was one of three players defending a big base, one of the enemy threw a BB grenade into the base, quick as a flash the kid grabs the grenade and throws it back, now if that BB grenade had went off he would have had BBs stuck in his face and hand as well as some burns on his hand, he was very lucky not to get injured and he was told off by a game marshal who was watching him, but it made for a great bit of video and you will see that this week.
 I had planned to play a little today with my Real Sword Type 97, I took this gun to POW last week and to be honest I was not impressed with it, a gas blow back pistol shoots further than this thing.
I could not check the FPS at POW because every time I went to chrono check it a marshal had taken the chrono into games to spot check any players guns that they suspected of firing a little high and the chrono was not available today at NCIS.
  Site owner Nick guessed that the gun spring may have been clipped to reduce the FPS by the retailer, but it may have been clipped a little too much, so I will put a new Systema spring in it this week then test again at POW this coming Sunday.
  I bought a longer 6.03 barrel from a player at NCIS today and Nick who is a decent gun tech was good enough to fit it for me today, the gun was then a little better range wise but it is still short of what it should be doing and there did appear to be a lot of flyers, flyers are BBs which seem to go off in different directions, I have a new Systema Hop rubber in my collection of spares so I may change that as well.
Hopefully I will also have a few new Li-po batteries from the "component shop" for the gun because the one that RS advise for this is a total bitch to fit, most people fit the battery into this gun and never take it back out as it can be charged while still in the gun, but since I have had problems with this I have had to take the gun apart much more than is normal and I feel its better to just junk the standard battery
and replace it with a much more compact Li-po so that I have much less trouble rebuilding the gun after each repair.
So would I advise you to buy a Real Sword gun? Well based on this one NO. These guns are a bit more expensive than most and I really should not have to be doing such changes to a brand new gun.
Oh yeah, the pictures above are of WillieMoto and The Baldyman setting up their pyro for the game. Video will follow.                                         

                                               The NCIS Safezone

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  1. Hi John,

    AFAIK RS guns came at least in two configuration. One is for the Japanese market (around 300-ish fps)and one for the european an US market (with 400-ish fps). I suspect that the Japanese version are shipped to the UK because of muzzle velocity regulations.

    At first I would clean the barrel (remove any grease may remain in it. Change the hop bucking and nub if possible (Systema is great).

    One important part of the range issue is now should be solved, second is to chrono the gun to see how powerful it is. If it is around or under 300 fps, pump it up to the field limits which is relatively easy because of the quick spring change system.

    These should give you great range and accuracy on this gun.