Saturday, 20 February 2010

Real Sword Type97

I'm off to film at POW tomorrow Sunday 21st, got the cameras all charged up, Im taking my usual Canon HD camera and two 2010 Tachyon XC cameras one is mounted on a cycle helmet and the other will be on the Picatinny rail which is on my new Real Sword Type 97.
I was supposed to test the 97 at NCIS Airsoft in Edinburgh last Sunday but due to a wiring fault that I noticed on Saturday night I never made it to NCIS. After I found the fault I just stopped charging gun batteries etc and gave up, I opened a bottle of wine and chilled out, then my pal Kenny phoned to say he would take me up on the offer of a lift to NCIS which I had made to him a few days before. I explained that I was fed up with gun problems and now not going to any airsoft site, I later felt bad for letting Kenny down, so if your reading this Kenny, I'm Sorry pal!
You see Kenny in a lot of my videos most recently in at the start of the night vision video from POW, he also has a Real Sword Type97 but he has the B version, its very nice and a rare sight at any Airsoft sites here.
BTW NCIS is a really nice little site, it probably the smallest site I film at, but its well ran by Madjock and Frenchy, well planned games with plenty of action and some beautiful woodland, if your ever in the Edinburgh area then its well worth a visit, they have their own forum where game dates etc are posted in advance at, you will require a login to see all the forum topics or to make any comments.
So its POW tomorrow, the weather forecast is for heavy snow which is hard to believe as its been cold here but crystal clear blue skys all day today, so nice in fact I cleaned and washed two cars mine and my girlfriends.
Here's a few pictures of the Type97, the first pic also has the helmet with the camera on it which is set to give you viewers an eye level view of what I see.

I am using 130 round mid-caps with the Type97, I got one with the gun then I bought another five plus the Picatinny rail from Ehobbies I use them for anything I cannot get from my local retailer, I prefer to buy from local retailers because if there is any problems with items they will replace or repair without question.
Well thats all for now.


  1. Great looking gun John, i love these bullpup assault weapons. Ernie will bitch all day about it being ugly but these guns are great to use, great looking and No tired arms from big unweildy guns ;)

  2. Great gun, I also planning to buy one in the near future because of the great internals and real steel equivalent externals.

    About gun problems: It is always a good idea to have some check your guns right after purchase. I do it myself on all my guns and I am almost a collector with 9 of them.

    I think one great part of airsoft when I do check, tune up my guns myself and see how they perform in skirmish.

    Finally don't let the 'fed up with gun probs' feeling ruin a great skirmish day, carry a spare ! :D

    I used to carry 3 additional gun with myself (+1 for my wife who is also playing with me), but till now luckily I only had to change them because of flat batteries.

  3. were the heck did you buy that gun!!!???

  4. The magazines for the Sword 97 look like M16/M4 type.

    Strangely in the US it seems impossible to get an M16/M4 130-round mid cap or anything close to it though they appear to be available for AK-47, G-36 and MP5.

    I find the constant winding of hi-caps annoying but obviously they provide more ammo. I’m obliged to use 79-round mags (from G&G). I currently carry two 300-round hi-caps and 8 mid-caps (10 mags being what a real soldier would carry) and try to maintain fire discipline, but if I could have 130-round mid-caps instead of the 79s I’d be happier.

    If I had the money I’d get outfitted as current US Army, current British Army, WW2 British Para and WW2 Fallschirmjager, but for now I have to make do with fairly authentic current US ACU.

    For general interest, here’s my load-out:

    Primary: Classic Army Full Metal M15A4
    Olympic Arms/JBU solid metal RIS (completely replaces the plastic barrel-shroud and Delta ring assembly)
    NC-Star AN-PEQ2 Battery box w/laser
    Intellect 10.8V and 9.6V 1600mAh NimH batteries
    NC-Star Panorama R/G Reflex sight (excellent!)
    UTG Butt pad (style and comfort for $10)
    OE Tech Cobra ACU dual bungee Tactical Sling (which required an Echo-1 sling adaptor).
    OE Tech ACU 36” Dual rifle gun bag

    Secondary (PDW):
    Bell EG-707 full metal gas blow-back semi-auto M9-type pistol with two 25 round mags.
    OE Tech ACU Drop-leg quick-draw holster

    Unnecessary (for Airsoft) Weapon:
    K-Bar Tanto survival/combat knife

    Battle Dress:
    Boonie Hat ACU (waterproof)
    OE-Tech Recon Wrap (for face/neck, no need for camo-paint)
    True-Spec ACU shirt
    Ultra Force ACU Elbow pads
    Propper ACU combat pants (trousers)
    Ultra Force ACU Knee-pads
    Bates GX8 boots (excellent!)
    Military issue ACU ECWS gloves
    Professional rappelling gloves (fingerless).
    OE Tech ACU Dump Pouch
    OE Tech ACU Commando Chest Rig

    Genuine 201st Military Intelligence Brigade (because it’s an old joke that there’s no such thing as military intelligence)
    Name tag “BATGUANO” (from Dr .Strangelove).