Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Midweek Quickie

I don't know if you have noticed but the last two weeks I have put up a short video midweek, the plan is to try and have a ten or more minute video every Friday/Saturday and a short one every Tuesday or Wednesday.
Regards the comments I spoke about last time and the fact that I try and reply to as many as I can, I should point out that even though I say on my channel page that I get about 200 messages every day this is totally incorrect, as of last Friday (12Th Feb) I started keeping a note of the total messages I get from YouTube every 24 hours on the first day I got 796, day two 816, day three 689, day four 912 and its like that every single day of the year.
Most YouTubers get messages like "Oh your cute" "are you single" etc nothing special that requires no real reply, but the questions I get are usually technical which require a fair bit of time to reply to and it would be totally impossible for me to reply to every single question, even if I were to hire a person to sit here eight hours a day replying to questions for me they would still never manage to reply to them all. When I do reply I then get more questions from the person, usually a few because they think that since I answered one question from them I am now gonna reply to five, ten or more, its crazy.
I really do appreciate that people watch my videos but often I bang my head on my desk in despair with the sheer volume of mail most of which could be answered if the people just went to Google and typed in their question.
When I first got into making Airsoft videos I used to watch videos from a guy called Flanker Tanker, about a year back he totally gave up though illness and I can understand why as he too complained about the massive amount of messages he was getting, so if you ever sent me a question via YouTube then never got a reply please don't moan about it, just sit for a minute and think about it.... Could you ever cope with this amount of mail, plus make videos, deal with your young kids and work full time?


  1. Preach it brother! Especially the Google thing. When all the information of the world is only a query away, why ask someone that we would much rather be making videos? Thanks for all the work you do man!

  2. John, I feel your pain, which is why I tend to help you out (I'm MrRWJP on Youtube by the way)!

    It honestly amazes me the ignorance of some people and the complete lack of an ability to find things out for themselves.