Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Why Puddock? Real Sword Type 97

Just a quick post, I promise to do a longer one in a few days. One of the things I was asked about by reader "5thstate" is why does Puddock wear the clothes that he does? So I asked Puddock and he said that "it matched his name" I did not understand what he meant, he explained that Puddock is an old Scottish word for a frog, he picked up Puddock as his nickname at school, Frog is a common national stereotype name for French people, though I don't ever use it myself. So since his nickname was frog he went for a WWII French Resistance look, the armband on his jacket is I think from the French Forces of the Interior, he could afford any uniform he wanted as he is not lacking cash as was suggested, after all he is using a Tanaka Kar-98 which is not the cheapest of guns to buy and maintain as well as his custom made MP41.
OK I have to go, its 9pm as I type and my brand new Real Sword Type 97 has been waiting for me in the hall still all packaged up and like any big kid with a new toy I cannot wait to rip it open but I have been dealing with emails from YouTube since I came home at 4pm. I will add a few pics from Sundays games at POW later, as you will see our car park can be as interesting as the games. John


  1. Man Paddock's got such a sweet gun man.
    I love the Videos man keep em comming.

  2. You seem to be getting one hell of a lot more airsoft guns scout! How come you have suddenly had a shopping spree on aw
    Nice blog by the way!