Friday, 12 February 2010

Lack of spare time

Well guys, if you have seen the video I posted up late on Friday 12th Feb, then please understand that my son was off school due to some teacher training that was taking place and I had to spend some time with him, that meant there was very little time to do my usual standard of video. So I just picked a long clip and added some detail to let the viewers understand what they were seeing, it took me two hours from start to finish, its not amazing by any means but it was either upload that or wait until next Friday which I was not keen on doing.
The video was filmed pretty much at the place the last one ended, the site is divided by an old dry stone wall which the teams were fighting over on the last video, in the latest one yellow are just over that wall and heading into a dark area of woods where they had to capture some more bases within a limited time, I think it was a sixty minute game and there was around eighty players on site. On the last video a lot of viewers commented that they liked being able to see around POW instead of my jumping from player to player, so I just continued that and it lets viewers see more of the site layout, but in the next video I will return to a few more edits.
Having said that I will be at NCIS in Edinburgh on Sunday the 14th, I will be playing for a change and have two headcams on, so depending on what I get there the next video maybe from that.
Above is a little bit of my AI magazine collection, I have about forty of these, I know a lot of people slate it but I still buy it every month http://www.ai-mag.com/ If you don't buy it or have never even heard of it then take a look, its available in most countries.
A little pic of my A&K Dragunov SVD, I will be using the Type 97 on Sunday for the first time, not taking the SVD, maybe next time.

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