Sunday, 14 February 2010

NCIS no show

After saying I was going to NCIS in Edinburgh on Sunday 14Th I never made it, I charged the battery for my new Type 97 which I was taking to test, I got the battery in thanks to Flanker Tankers tutorial on YouTube, but each time I pulled the trigger nothing happened, after an hour of tinkering about I realised a wire close to the fuse has not connected, by the time I figured this out I was pretty well fed up so the gun went back in the box until either I can fix it or get it back to the retailer, I am not having much luck with guns just now.
So I had a Sunday afternoon free to edit a video, which I have done, I have a nice ten minute video ready for upload on Friday and I may just do another short one for Tuesday if I get the time, the amount of great looking outtakes I have is amazing.
Someone asked what sort of planning goes into filming my videos, to be honest there is no planning, its just a case of grab the camera and go, I sometimes look around the safe zone where all the players have their gear set out just to see who has a new or interesting gun then I might follow them for a while or if there are players from other countries visiting the site I will try and catch a little bit of video of them since they have usually taken the trouble to travel here after seeing my videos.
Over the last few days on my videos people have commented that they really appreciate getting a reply from me to their questions that they leave on the videos, a few said that I am one of the very few YouTubers to even reply to questions, is that really the case?
I don't look at too many other YouTubers comments so are they really ignoring their fan base to such an extent? Do you guys ever get any response from other video makers?
OK guys gotta go


  1. Gutted to hear that couldn't make to a game, it's no fun missing out...

    I do like to see replies to my comments on videos, but I only tend to get them from YouTubers without many subscribers. I get the impression that the ones with many subscribers do however read many of the comments, it just may be due to the shear volume of them that they don't take the time to reply to many/any... I do like to see that you are responding to what people have to say both here on the blog and on YouTube.

  2. It can be hit or miss. I'll often get replies of some sort on your videos when I comment, though not usually from you. You have a pretty big following over there!

  3. Nope. I NEVER get responses. I am a huge fan of you and of JAi just because he's awesome. XP I messaged him telling him I'm a fan and when I got a response. I almost freaked! I am a huge airsofter. So I sorta idolize you and JAis status in airsoft. I think getting a response makes your fanbase much more solid and dedicated. So responding is a big thing.;)


  4. Yeah, responses are hard to come by! Very nice when you get them, though.

    But I'm right there with SIN. I am a really big fan of both JAi and yourself! It's crazy watching him go.