Sunday, 28 March 2010

He Must Have Other Cameramen!!!

I was over at Section8 today (Sunday 28th March) just to catch some video, I got some nice stuff so left early and got home for 15.00 I had a video fully finished for 18.00, but I will not be uploading this until Tuesday for certain reasons.
Due to the way its edited this is one video where people will say "He must have other cameramen with him" So what happened as it does so often is that two kids tried to attack a base, they came through the forest into a clearing next to an old farm track where they spoke to a guy who was shooting at the base, then they both ran into the clearing crossed the track and got up to a wall where they started shooting at the base. Now for reasons known only to them they did this exact thing three times, each time they got hit they just fell back to a respawn point and returned to do it over again until they gave up after the third attempt. Each time they returned I was standing or hiding at a different position which once edited together gives the impression that there are two or three cameramen when there really was just me.
One thing I like about Airsoft is the people you meet and today was very interesting for me, there is a guy called Ricky that you will see in the video on Tuesday, he is a really nice guy and the first time I saw him play Airsoft I knew he was ex something so I had to ask and it turned out he served in a Rhodesian unit called P.A.T.U that's the Police Anti-Terrorist Unit and he fought in the Rhodesian Bush War which ran from July 1964 until 1979. He brought along a load of photographs for me to see from his time in that unit with all the guns they used including a few I have never ever heard of, but he also pointed out his friends with him in the pictures and after each one came the same comment "He's dead" all were Killed in Action. So perhaps when the video with him goes on YouTube and some silly viewer says "Who does the old guy think he is" or other similar remarks you will be able to set the record straight.
My pal Ervan over in Oregon USA who is also a YouTube Partner doing beautiful steam locomotive videos sent me a link to a stats site for YouTube you just type in your YouTube name and it tells you all kinds of stuff about your channel if you CLICK HERE you can see the stats for me, where you will see I am ranked at 372 in the top 500 Global YouTubers which is something I really never knew until yesterday.
Ok gotta go, I will write again on Tuesday I promise, if you have any questions ask and I will try and answer them all on Tuesday.John

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Charlie Bit My Finger

So the creative block I had vanished and I made the Sniper video which you should already have seen with Koolance987 as the main star, he is in the next video as well getting a few more kills from the same day, that next video is already finished but I will not upload it until around Thursday the 18th. I have a few more videos from the outtakes which will go onto my alternative channel, I uploaded a new one to that channel today (Sunday 14th) but YouTube for whatever reason is taking a lot longer than usual to make the videos watchable anything from three to five hours before it can be viewed in HD, when I upload a video I keep it as private until YouTube make it fully watchable because if I let it go live straight away I get lots of comments like "Oh its really rubbish quality" so instead of dealing with all those silly comments I just hold onto the video until YouTube finish whatever they do to make them watchable.
At last I managed to stay up and get on CrazyNCmans live show at Airsoft Player TV, it was 1AM UK time when the show started, my two young kids were sound asleep long before the show started and I did not wish to wake them by talking to Frank on the show via Skype so I just logged into the chat that runs at the same time as the show. The second I made a comment in the chat room it went crazy and because it got so busy I was limited to one comment every sixty seconds so it was just impossible to answer all the comments and questions from people or get any conversation going with Frank, so he read out some of my comments which I appreciated, but its Franks show and me being in the chat room made viewers focus on me and not him which I realised so I asked viewers to please stop asking me things and to watch Franks show, I was there to see the show more than answer questions.
Anyway I watched the show until about 02.30am and then logged out, I enjoyed it, I will watch again, I certainly could not do a live show like that for an hour never mind four hours as he does.

I told you ages ago that I keep a daily note of the stats from my channel such as the view count, subs etc, well the twenty four hour period from 8am Saturday 13th until 8am Sunday 14th was my busiest in the last six months, 246 subscribers and seventy six thousand video views, I don't know why but it was.
Did you know that YouTube publish charts for just about everything IE Most subscribed UK, Most Watched UK Most subscribed Global, Most Watched Global there are so many charts I gave up looking at them, when I did look at them over and over again I would come away after thirty minutes with my brain turning to mush. But a viewer noticed some stats that I had not seen, in a few days I will over take two UK Partners for having more subscribers, two mega big ones first is "HDCYT" who made the "Charlie Bit My finger" video and have over Two Hundred and Ten Million views of their videos, the next one I will over take is "Parlophone Records" which is the All Time Most Viewed European YouTube channel with Three Hundred and Forty Million views of their videos, so for me to over take them is staggering.
Well I gotta go fix a friends gun, thanks for watching and reading.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Austin Powers and Loaded?

Well today was going to be a day where I sat at the Mac and got a new video worked out, but I lost focus and ended up looking for a holiday instead not much difference is there?
I kinda got a video started and I found stacks of video I can use from last Sunday, but I just could not work out the timeline in my head, writers can get away with claiming they have "Writers block" so I'm claiming video editors block "Ive lost my Mojo" as Austin Powers would say.
Don't worry I will have a flash of inspiration at about 3am when the idea of how the video is going to run will cause me a lack of sleep until I get up.
Last week one of my friends gave me a magazine called "Loaded" If your not from the UK then you may never have heard of this publication, its whats known here as a "Lads Mag" To my mind its soft porn with another name, its not something I ever buy so when my pal noticed a feature in it he passed the magazine onto me, so if you need an excuse to buy this kind of thing you now have it as there is a feature inside about Airsoft.
The article rates low on the journalistic chart, its the usual junk about how these BB guns could get you shot by the police etc, but it might get some of your non airsofting pals interested I guess.

Did you guys know that there are other Airsoft magazines? Of course you must know of Airsoft International, I have mentioned it before and the last issue of it is seen in the pictures here, but there are a few more that I know of and if you know any more then drop me the details please.
Of the other mags, there is "Take Aim" which is based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, its got nine issues out and the last one I know of was in late 2009, we are now into March 2010 and there appears to be no new issue so far.
Then there is "Airsoft Soldier" based in Finland but printed in English, its a great looking mag, with three issues and a forth is claimed to be coming out soon, but there seems to be about six months between editions, so don't take out a subscription on this one, if I get a release date for the next one I will let you know.
The new edition of Airsoft international should be in my paws a few days from now I hope and I will let you know if its any good, though there is always something interesting in it.

Monday, 8 March 2010

New Channel Graphics

Have you seen the new background and banners etc on my YouTube Channel?
It was done by Ikara Design who are based in the UK, the previous background etc was all done by a subscriber to my videos and it was fine but a few weeks ago Youtube told me in advance that some techical changes may have an effect on two of my banners both of which vanished, that's the big banner at the top of the main channel and the little one in each video pages that said "Subscribe" Im not a graphics person at all, so I remembered some work I had seen on a website, I found out the who the maker was and dropped them an email, thankfully they were onto the job right away and I had a selection of work ready inside two days.
The contact email if you need any work done is ikara_design@yahoo.co.uk but I should say that this was not the work of an Airsoft fan doing it at home, it is a small business.
Instead of junking the old artwork I used some of it for my alternative channel since I plan to add a lot of videos to it especially a lot of unedited action videos as long as it looks good, Im not just gonna fill the channel up with junk.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Another Blog video

Just back from POW, boy was it busy, the car park was over flowing must have been almost 100 players there. I met up with Andy who works at local retailer Airsoft World, he does their online magazine called "Recon Rag" which you can read for free if you hit this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Andy had a few of the stores new gun arrivals with him so I asked for a look and you can see these on the latest blog video.
After tinkering with my Type97 yesterday its now firing at 400fps using a Systema M120 spring and .20g BBs, this is too high for POW and most if not all UK sites for an AEG, so I will put a different spring in it this week and take the FPS down to about 350, I hope.
Video wise I got about eighty minutes of 1080 HD action and twenty minutes of DV tape footage, I gave the Tachyon Headcam to my pal Kenny and I think he used it for about thirty minutes, so hopefully out of all that lot I should be able to make at least one decent video for you.
One reader of this blog "WinduWarrior" sent me a question via YouTube

Q. "I meant to ask you before, when you started were you the only one doing these kinda vids or was it just pot luck that you were the one who got noticed.?"

A. There were a lot of others doing Airsoft videos, reviews more than anything, I wanted to see some action and the ones that I kept finding on YouTube usually had crappy punk music dubbed over them, which I hated as it did not reflect Airsoft as I was playing it. Dont get me wrong I like rock music and I have seen stacks of bands inc Sex Pistols, Ramones, Damned, U2, Bowie etc by chance I also met many of the bands I loved, but thats another story for another day.
Anyway as I made the videos with no music I guess many like minded people just enjoyed what they saw and word spread at a good steady pace.
Not all my views and subs are down to "Pot Luck" there are a number of things that I did to get me more noticed than others, I did a lot of research and my YouTube mentors gave me a few pointers over the last two years,I cant really say what I did or was told because then everyone would do the same.
One thing my first mentor really pushed for me to do was to start a blog, but I just was not interested until I looked at a couple just a few months back and thought OK I will give it a go and here I am.
Any other questions guys just ask and I will try to answer as best I can.


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Facebook and Betamax

Well am off to POW tomorrow, got the battery's on charge for cameras and guns, I'm taking two cameras for a change, my usual Canon HD one and a little old JVC GR-DX107EK DV tape one, I still like the look of the image that you get from older camcorders especially my old Sony Hi8 one.
Maybe one day I could take one of my old Betamax Sony F1 portable systems on site, I have two of these, both in good working order even though they are twenty eight years old, if you don't know what they are then take a look at this link, one problem with the F1 though is that I might get shot at a lot more than usual as people see a figure crashing through the woods with a camera the size of a bazooka.
I never got the PC version of Battlefield 2 in time to be on CrazyNCmans server last night, but this morning the postman delivered the Xbox360 version and my son loves it, he is playing now as I type. When I do make it onto CrazyNCmans server to play the game I will not be using scoutthedoggie as a name, no doubt some kid has already taken it anyway as they have already done on Xbox live, Facebook and much more, talking of which I was on Facebook this morning, I dont use it that much, I ran a check for "Scoutthedoggie" and found two fan pages for me with over 500 followers, I have nothing at all to do with these sites, the person running the biggest one with 470+ subscribers does not claim to be me, but then he is also not telling people that I have nothing to do with the page.
"Wisey" made a comment on my blog asking if my blog videos were going to be on my sons YouTube channel all the time and the answer is yes, there are two on there now my son simply does not use his channel anymore, so I have taken it over for now and Im just going to post the behind the scenes videos and short outtakes videos onto there, maybe even the odd review, I think I will just keep the main channel following the same format of action videos and everything else on the alternative channel.
"LeOPapa" Thanks for the info on the Type 97, the gun now has a longer 6.03 tight bore barrel in it which Nick fitted at NCIS last Sunday, this afternoon I put a new Systema spring in the gun and I removed the fuse box, but I forgot to fit the new System hop rubber so I will do that in the next few days, if its still shooting bad tomorrow at POW then its got to be down to the hop rubber..I hope.


Thursday, 4 March 2010

199th YouTube video

So that's video number 199 uploaded, I am always worried when I put out a new video, To be honest I was not that happy with it, but it was either put this out or just file all the footage and forget about it because as I said before God was not on my side weather wise at NCIS, I always enjoy it at that site, but by the time I put my waterproof gear on I was already pretty much wet through, its the first time at any site that I have ever went back to my car turned the heating on and went for a snooze during the lunch break.
Hopefully it will be a good at POW this coming Sunday, site owner Ernie sent me a txt the other day to tell me that he will have one of the first new SRC MP40s on site thanks to Airsoft World, so I will catch some video of that new gun for you, its supposed to be way better than the AGM MP40, I hope that's right.
People have been sending me messages for the last few weeks saying that I have to do something special for the 200th, no pressure...I think I will just make a video with me banging my head on my computer desk in frustration as I dont have a clue what to do.
Do you guys follow CrazyNCman on Youtube? I guess you must, Franks a good guy, I have watched his videos almost since he started, but have never caught his live show since it does not start until about 1AM UK time by which I am always sound asleep, but one day I will view it live. Anyway on his latest video he talks about playing Battlefield 2 on the PC this Friday, since I am not a gamer I did not have this, he said it could be bought real cheap and he was right, I got two copies via Amazon.com for twenty pounds inc shipping, I got the Xbox 360 and PC versions, my son loves these kind of games so I should get a crash course in playing this from him on Friday and if I can keep my eyes open I will be on the PC playing live via Franks server late into the night.
Oh yeah did you guys know that Youtube are gonna change the format of peoples channel pages yet again, the last time they did this most Partners I know where not at all happy with the changes, hopefully this time they sort the mistakes they made last time. I heard about these changes about six weeks back but just never looked to see what they were doing, but my mentor at Youtube emailed me today with a link to a blog where they detail the changes and here is the link for you to take a look at.
Well gotta go


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How did I become a YouTube Partner?

This morning I realised that its been a full two years since I started keeping some stats from my YouTube account, this is where every day at about 7am I take a note of the total Video Views, Channel Views and Subscribers.
In Feb 2008 I got an email from Youtube asking me if I wanted to become a Partner, one of the first in the UK, I ignored them at first as I did not have a clue what they were talking about and to be honest I thought it was some kind of spam or junk mail.
After a few more emails from them I Googled "YouTube Partner" read as many results as I could and thought I'd give it a try, I got accepted at the start of March 2008 which is when I started keeping totals of certain things upon the advice of Partners in America.
So I guess your wondering was it worth it, yes it was, because I think I would have given up making Airsoft videos by now had it not been for making partnership.
The Partner program paid for my cameras, laptops, hard drives etc.
My GF would not have been happy about me spending so much on equipment, but since YT was now paying for it she was not that bothered and put up with my interest as I was no longer cleaning out my bank account or maxing credit cards

So on the 3rd March 2008 I started keeping these totals.

21.55 3rd March 2008
Video Views: 523,687
Channel Views: 21,802
Subscribers: 541

Two years later the totals are as follows

07.13am 3rd March 2010
Video Views: 29,827,649
Channel Views: 2,660,353
Subscribers: 75,382

With the channel and subscriber totals Youtube displays the correct total on my channel page, but with the total video views the figure on my channel page is always about 250,000 short each day, I dont know why.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A blog video, at last

Heres a quick video from POW, its not something I would use on my main channel so the video is on my sons YouTube channel since he does not use it that often.
My first Blog video
I will add another from NCIS tomorrow showing the marshals setting up the pyro etc, any time I am at other sites I will do similar videos showing some bits of the site etc.