Saturday, 26 December 2009

Its Sunday morning, for days I have been meaning to write something here but at Christmas God hits the fast forward button on my life and before I know it three or four days have zoomed past. So did you get all you wanted from Santa?

In a few hours we are off to a Spanish island called Tenerife where it should be hot, my son Dylan cannot understand that we are getting on a jet at Glasgow in a snow storm and walking off into heat, I'm sure he will be happy with it once we get there.

Im not taking my Mac with me.. I have many hours of video that I could edit on holiday but I really need to take a break from it, but when I get back there will be plenty of work to do and its all gonna be in HD on YouTube from now on.
I have been filming in full 1080 HD for about six months, I keep every bit of video even the stuff that I will never use, got around 1TB of video in store and an new 1TB fire wire 800 drive on the way which I will fill soon.

I thought about digging out all the old videos that are on YouTube in poor quality and remastering them on the Mac, but some people would complain, what do you think? Should I remaster or not?

The older videos were edited using Windows Movie Maker, once I had edited them I saved copies at the highest quality setting possible then uploaded them to YouTube, but a lot of the time YouTube really messed up on the rendering and the quality was sometimes simply terrible even though the originals were perfect, some of the videos are short so I would like to string three or four together on the Mac and upload in HD. I would still be doing my usual one new video a week as usual.
Wish I was going to POW today, its a beautiful forest but with this snow it would be stunning.



  1. You should try out some more modern editing software. Perhaps Adobe Premiere or at least Sony Vegas.

    Also, I'd rather see that you'd spend your time making new HD videos than remastering them :)

    // Victor

  2. I think most people would prefer new footage over remastered old footage. You could perhaps remaster old footage by request? Some people who where at the games in question may be interested.

    Just a thought :)