Tuesday, 12 January 2010

At last I have free time

My girlfriend (Lynda) told me to update this blog, I was gonna kick it off by telling her that I bought another Airsoft gun this morning Tuesday 12Th Jan but she was looking at my emails and noticed not one but three from the retailer THANKS A LOT! Zero One now just bloody send the gun and stop sending me emails.
So what did I buy? Well I bought a Star/Ares FNC Long version and four mid caps.
I have looked at this gun for a very long time, I was at one UK retailer last night who wanted over £320 + postage for one, then I found another at £270, then I found it on "Sale" at Wolf Armouries for £259 and last but not least Zero One who had it for £249, I added four Star Mid caps to the order which took it to just over £300 and gave me free next day delivery, though if that happens it will be a miracle.
Every single day of the week I get PMs via YouTube asking "where can I buy..." I don't understand why people don't just Google items they want, which is what I sat and did last night, spent about two hours searching out the best deal via Google.
Now readers in the USA etc will says its cheaper elsewhere, I know that, but if I import the gun to the UK there is a higher shipping charge, then UK customs could charge me £70 or there abouts for tax etc just for importing it and it would take longer to arrive.
So after considering all that I bought from a UK retailer that I have used in the past.
Now some of you must have thought "He must get his guns for free or get a discount on everything" the simple answer to that is NO I DO NOT.
Only once did I get a discount at an Airsoft retailer and that was from Steve who is the owner of "Airsoft World" and I mention it because I really did appreciate him doing such a thing.
So what did Lynda think about me buying another gun, well as always she's fine about it, she was smiling as she asked me this evening "Have you bought another gun?" Knowing full well that I had.
Now I just have to sell my Systema M16, take my advice.. Never Buy A Systema!
I have had more problems with that one gun than all the other guns I have ever owned combined, no sooner is one thing fixed on it than another part dies, so I have given up with it and am gonna sell it as it is, None Working as usual.
OK gotta go, am working on the next video for Friday 15Th or Saturday 16Th, got over three minutes edited so far which took about five hours, seems like a lot of time but I have to review all the video I filmed on Sunday the 10Th then figure out a rough timeline and piece it together, then add credits so that viewers know what guns are used etc, though sometimes I wonder why I bother to state the gun names on screen because viewers still ask "What guns that"
OK I'm gone, I will try not to take so long to write next time.


  1. Just found the blog and had to comment one one part

    why never buy a systema? they out perform EVERYTHING!, as long as you get tackleberry's mods to the motor and hop, and have the circuits moistureproofed its fine! i abuse the hell out of mine and it has never failed me, my entire team runs them without any problems too

  2. You just got another subscriber :)

    Is there anyway to sub via RSS? I like to use google reader for the few blogs that I subscribe too.

    Yeah, I don't get why there seems to be large amount of brain dead people on YT.

    @Oli IMO when you spend that much on a gun, you expect it to have flawless out of the box...

  3. Nvm about the reader thing, I'm an idiot XD

  4. Video takes a lot of time, we are lucky to feed off of your time. Thanks