Sunday, 31 January 2010

The trouble with doing a blog when I have never read or followed any blogs/bloggers is where to start.So you may wonder why did I start one if I have never had any past interest in them, well, some YouTube Partners have a mentor, this is a person who emails or phones to give me advice on all things YouTube, my mentor at the moment is a very lovely sounding lady, she has the voice a young Lauren Bacall but probably has the figure of Oprah Winfrey. My mentor tells me about new YouTube features or things they are gonna change, they ask if I have any ideas to improve the service etc, my two previous mentors both urged me to start a blog and they gave me links to other YouTubers blogs. When I took a look at the links all they spoke about was buying makeup, perfume, getting nails and hair done, presents from boyfriends, what crap was in their handbag etc and that was just the guys blogs..NO NO Im joking! Anyway your getting the picture, I just thought WTF is this garbage so I decided to give it a try and your reading the result, good or bad I'm not sure.
What have I been up to..last week I was at POW in Bonnybridge http://playersofwar.co.uk/ Its my local site and just five minutes drive from my house, I headed up at 9am thinking the site would just be starting to fill up and I got the second last parking spot in the car park, there were just under ninety players on site, I expected at most forty due to the recent bad weather putting a lot of people off but it was busy and the first few games were so action packed that I had all the video I needed by lunch time, I took about 50 minutes of video and spent the rest of the morning chatting to friends as I met them wandering about in the forest or speaking to new players. Before lunch I went up to my car to get my gun so that I could drop into the games, I had cam cream on my face but it was kinda wearing off so decided to add a bit more, I dug out the cream from a rucksack in the car, then standing at the drivers door I spun a wing mirror around to see where the cam cream was going at which point my car door shut and the central locking clicked, the car keys were on the seat in the car which I was now locked out of with my gun, cell phone, house keys etc all locked inside. Three hours later a puzzled RAC man (AAA if your American) got the car open, that must have been that RAC guys strangest call out in a long time, he's met at the edge of a forest by a guy wearing full modern German Army uniform including chest rig overflowing with mags, taken into the middle of the forest where he sees more people running around with what to him looks like real machine guns, grenades etc and just off in the distance threw the woods stands a WWII V2 rocket, you can see it from Google Earth. By the time I got a gun out of the car it was the second last game of the day and though I joined in for a few minutes my pal Kenny who you often see in my videos noticed something about my gun which I had noticed but dismissed as my eyes playing a trick on me and that's as much as I can say for the moment for legal reasons. Its a long story and I will explain next blog. I bought another gun, much to Lynda's despair, via the forums at http://forums.fortairsoft.co.uk/ this is the forum for "Airsoft World" a local retailer that I have used since I started playing Airsoft, I got it for half the UK retail price plus it had an extra mag included, second hand sales are a great way to pick up bargains and I knew the seller pretty well so I know he has had it only a few months an used maybe five times, so it was a bargain.I told her about two hours before I was due to pick it up, I had no choice as I was gonna have a problem sneaking an A&K Dragunov SVD sniper rifle into the house under my jacket.I could have left it in my car and then smuggled it into the house when she was not around, but if my car had been broken into and it fell into the wrong hands I would have made the local news for all the wrong reasons. The owner of a local Airsoft retailer "Landwarrior" http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/ had his car broken into a few weeks back and had three guns taken including a Systema and a VFC not the cheapest of guns to lose, this theft made a few nations newspapers and the BBC news, I hope your covered by the insurance Scott. We are selling our house, moving to a much bigger place where I will get a room as an office, it cant come sooner as I have stacks of video and computer gear most of which is in storage just now, having two young kids I don't get much peace to read in anywhere other than on my throne of contemplation.. I leave you to guess which small room that is in the house. so over the last few days I did work on the gardens, sold stuff I did not use on EBay and tried to clear up some of my mess, the house is pretty much spotless most of the time other than the areas I lurk which brings me back to my throne where in my magazine rack I found seventeen issues of "Airsoft International" magazine http://www.ai-mag.com/ six Mac Format magazines and one book on Camouflage. Is this normal?
Years ago I was over at a pals house where in the toilet there was a pile of magazines in the corner at least three foot high, there were ten or so motorbike mags on the top and the other two hundred were shall we say special interest art magazines, if you know what I mean, I went back to the lounge and congratulated my pal on his collection in the toilet, his wife said"Thank You" at which he informed me they were mostly hers, its a strange world. Over and Out.


  1. Scout,

    First of all I've enjoyed your many videos with frustrated pleasure as where I live (in the US) I'm a couple of hours (traffic permitting) from the my closest Airsoft venue with games few and far between---so I can always get a vicarious fix from you and your mates.

    Second, your videography and editing is far superior to anything else I've seen on the 'Tube of You' and the results are much appreciated just from that perspective.

    Third, it seems you are still uncertain as to your blog's purpose and aren't entirely sure what to write about exactly, so....

    How about a few posts on:

    A)How you go about shooting your videos--do you run around all over the place or just follow your mates into action? Do you have a steadi-cam rig? How much do you think about framing and how the end result will look, or is that all taken care of in editing?

    B)How about getting some of your mates to write posts as well?

    For instance maybe Puddock could explain how he chose his Free French gear?
    Couldn't he afford a uniform/combat load-out, or was he just completely genius in only needing to buy his clothes from a thrift store for a Fiver, and yet still look authentic?

    Who owns the Minigun and for goodness sake WHY?

    C)The WWII kit is very impressive.
    How often are exclusively WWII games played, how many participate, and are the gaming scenarios drawn from WWII history or are they more ad-hoc?

    D)Do non-Airsoft-players ('civilains') think you are all weird? Do they know what you all get up to in the woods?
    How much awareness of Airsoft IS there in the general public?
    Have the numbers of participants at Bonny bridge increased much?
    [I used to be in the Sealed Knot--the guys who re-enact the English Civil War? Public reactions varied quite a bit :D ]

    E) What about the international players?
    How did Kara the Canadian get involved?
    What about the pyromaniac Dutch lads?
    The youngster from Dobbs Ferry, USA with his .50 Cal?
    Are 'non-Brits' making special trips to Bonnybridge or are they working/studying there?
    Do you have any affiliations with any continental Airsoft groups?

    F)Has female participation increased?
    Why do 'Mouse' and Kara play? (another guest-post idea)

    G)What is YOUR load-out and why?
    What are other players load-outs and why? ( more guest-posts). What works well, what falls apart?.

    H)How often do serving military play, and how many?
    What do they think of Airsoft?
    Are they any 'better' than rest of you?

    I)Do you guys study tactics, or have you just learned to play well and effectively over time? How do newbies fare? How quickly do they learn?

    J)Does anyone keep score of their deaths and 'kills'? Do you have a league table? Does the most 'deadly' player get a free pint or Scotch, or does he/she have to buy the next round?

    All that should give you something to write about! :D

    And... maybe... you should write something lovely about, and to, your despairing wife and let her see it...because of the Dragunov...just a thought :D

    Anyway, don't mind me, and cheers!

  2. What's the coordinates of the area that you play on in google earth? I've searched everywere around the POW HQ.