Sunday, 17 January 2010

Just Back from Section8, a very good day, only 30 players due to the snow on the track through the forest to the site safe zone where players set up, my Honda CRV managed it no problem though, but most of the regular players stayed away.
I took the Tachyon head camera but I mounted it direct on top of a helmet as you can see from the image below and the view is too high, next time I will stick both cameras on each side of my helmet at eye line which will give a much better view. Got some real nice video, including a clip of the HD camera getting shot straight at the lens, no damage was done though, thankfully the guy who shot me is a regular and he just did a three BB burst shot.
I will start editing Tuesday and should have something read for you on Friday or Saturday.

I had a few funny questions from new players at Section8 today, one guy asked where the other cameramen were?
He seemed surprised that I always film on my own, he was sure I had a crew. One other young player told me he would have asked for my autograph if he had some paper and a pen on him, I thought he was joking, but he was serious.
Its always nice to meet people who watch my videos, but as I am not the most outspoken person you would meet on a site I am often lost for words when people say things to me, either way I like meeting people who watch and I always ask what they like about them, the most common reply is the lack of music, they seem to like to hear exactly what is going on and that is one of the reasons I started making these videos, if I hear that stupid track which starts off with "Let the bodies hit the floor" one more time on an Airsoft video I will go crazy.
Talking of videos, this blogger account was supposed to allow me to upload video, but it does not, I have made two short exclusive videos for here and watched the tutorial on how to upload video to blogger at YouTube but the uploader icon seen on their tutorial is no longer available, I will try posting the videos to one of my other YouTube accounts (I have a few) then do a link to the videos in the next post, I will try and do that tomorrow for you.
Ok gotta go


  1. great videos keep up the good work

  2. I love your videos! Your definately the best airsoft video provider on youtube, if you get a chance check out AirHARDairsoft.wordpress.com
    I would really appreciate your input!

  3. I wondered if anyone else was getting tired of Drowning Pool.
    From now on, any airsoft video with Bodies gets the Duck seal of unapproval.

  4. haha i woud proably ask for your autograph to! you make the best damn videos out there!

  5. John, I appreciate what you do more than you can imagine. You are the reason why I want to get into airsoft. I will move to Scotland if I can just to play the the Fort.

  6. Also, if you don't mind, what is the gun in the above pictures?