Saturday, 19 December 2009

Well at last I got a new video uploaded, I had to trim a full eight minutes off it which annoys me.
I went to see Public Image (Johnny Rotten) at the o2 in Glasgow and because the latest video had a running time of over eighteen minutes video I left it uploading while I went to the concert. when I got back Youtube told me the video was blocked due to the running time, this pissed me off because YouTube Partners are allowed unlimited video uploads and there should have been no problem with the video.
Anyway I did a quick edit this morning and got it uploaded for today Saturday, should have another ready in a few days.
The concert last night was good, I have seen PIL a few times in the past but last nights was the longest set I have ever seen them play, Johnny was on good form and seemed very happy to be in Scotland, he can be a little moody at times but was not at all like that last night.
The snow is falling fast here, at least an inch in the last ten minutes, if it stays like this I will go to Section8 tomorrow and film, hopefully they have had snow there.
Well thats it, Im off to Blockbuster to pick up a few DVDs to watch tonight, any excuse to drive in the snow.

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