Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Well Hi!

Hey at last I started a blog, as if my life is SO interesting to others, is it?

Well my head is sore.. I tried to do some video work last night and had endless camera and software problems, the software does not see the video files from my night vision camera which I had ran to DVD. Figured out I needed a cable to connect to the camera straight to my MacBook and then capture via imovie 08, then I decided my Mac wants new software so I gave up after five hours.
I popped a bottle of nice red wine ordered the new Mac boxed set with iMove 09 and latest operating system and found the cable I needed on Amazon.
Then I chilled in the lounge with my son Dylan and watched a new DVD boxed set I had just go of a UK TV show called "Phoenix Nights" such a funny show, after that I chased the cats out of the house and went to bed, WOW I lead such an interesting life

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