Thursday, 17 December 2009

Just in from work and WOW its snowing here, thick and fast, the trees at the front of my house are looking beautiful already, the kids are gonna freak out when they come home.
Got most of a new video done, just got a few more edits and some footage to add then its good to go. I will upload it to YouTube tomorrow 18th December before I head into Glasgow for a concert.
Im going to see Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols with his band Public Image, they are doing a short UK tour, Im driving some of my friends up so it will be an alcohol free night for me, should be interesting though.
I missed the last gig I was supposed to go to a few weeks back, they are not that big in the UK but American readers may know of "Five Finger Death Punch" I was on the guest list to see them for a private show in Glasgow but never made it due to a lack of baby sitter, damn.
My next concert is...KISS...at the SECC in Glasgow, should be fun.

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