Monday, 7 June 2010

Keifer Sutherland at the Salad Bar

So did you think I had given up on doing this blog? I have just been too busy with other things, my job has been the main problem, three days away from home, 14 hour days and I hate working a minute more than I have to, whenever I hear some no life say "Oh we could just work on a few hours more" the first thought that comes into my head is "FUCK!" Can I swear on a blog?
I really don't give a toss about having more cash in the bank, money will always be around but my kids will not always be small, funny, loving and hyper active, I hope.
Most of the people I work with have split up from their wife and kids and no bloody wonder because all they think about is work, for example on the day I typed up this I was up at 5Am cos they wanted to start early, but because a job got done faster than expected a few wanted to stay late at work and do a similar job again, you can guess which ones suggested that idea.
The funny thing is people always ask "what did you do at the weekend" and I'm like Mr Enthusiastic "I went Airsofting, met loads of friends at the site, had a great time running around in a beautiful forest, went for a meal with my girlfriend and our kids, had a brilliant weekend" and yet they still think I have no life WTF? So what did they do that was SO great, usually they sat and watched football on TV alone or got pissed at a pub, oh WOW how wonderful.
I guess you already know that I started a FaceBook page called "Scoutthedoggie Airsoft video Maker" could it be any more long winded? When I started it there were three other pages using my Scoutthedoggie tag, none of the pages had any input from me and had been started by fans of my videos. The main Facebook page had about one thousand followers but the guy who ran it closed it and emailed me to say that he had started it with the best intentions but a few people had accused him of claiming to be me which he never did and I appreciate the promotion he gave me via Facebook.
Did you see the video my pal Keith did of me playing at POW a few weeks back, we both found it kinda funny that so many viewers said I looked like Keifer Sutherland, I can sort of see what they mean, but I need to lose a few pounds where as Keifer does not, maybe I will try and hit the gym for an hour a day when I am on holiday and stick to the salad bar instead of the cool beer bar.
I met a journalist from "Take Aim" Airsoft magazine at Section8 on 6th June, he was talking about wanting to do a review of a gun I have, the Real Sword Type 97, a retailer was asked to supply one for review but declined so I offered my one as long as it was stated in the magazine that it was mine and an honest review was done. When he asked what I thought of it I told him the truth, its garbage, build quality is fantastic but performance is at best dire, my Cyma AK which cost less than half the price has range that is about four times better, I used the Type97 once on site for a day it was hopeless, took it to NCIS where the site owner put a longer 6.03 tight bore barrel in it for me and it really was no better so it went back in the case and I never used it again. My pal Kenny who you see in a lot of my videos wants to take it and replace the hop and I may just let him as I have given up on the thing, it just gathers dust in my attic.
June is really gonna be a difficult month for me to make videos so there will be very few, one problem is overtime as I already mentioned, the other is that we are selling our house to buy a bigger house which means I get an office for all my computer and video gear, I have a few little jobs to do a round the house so that the house is perfect for any buyer, last but not least we will be on holiday for two weeks on the Spanish island of Tenerife, in an area called Costa Adeje. For any would be burglars my mum is staying here to take care of the house for us and to look after my two cats, fully loaded BB guns might also be left around the house.
I had so many things I wanted to talk about on my blog and my mind has gone blank, I gotta get a note book to carry around so that I can type up all the stuff I want to talk about before I forget it all.
I will not be so long with the next post, I promise.


  1. Hey John! Fan here, SIN. I'm sure you've seen me around! Just wanted to ask you about something. You watching out for the FIFA World Cup?

  2. Hi John. I'm a huge fan and I've watched all your videos. I was wondering if you have ever heard of the UTG M324 Master Sniper and what you think of it.

  3. could you make a playlist of all your videos so i could copy paste/ use that playlist for my phone?thnx

  4. John, will you take a look at my airsoft channel? It's not very good, and we have a few gun reviews and a few battle videos at our home made field, but I'd like to get your professional opinion and advice on it all. That'd be great, thanks